What will you gain with SCEO® SOFTWARE?

  • control on SCEO® LED SCREENS with your mobile device with Internet access

  • option of login commands and changing content

  • ability of creating random users’ accounts of SCEO® SOFTWARE with different levels of authority

  • ability of creating procedures of control of SCEO® LED SCREENS – SMS and/or e-mail notifications

  • ability of splitting SCEO® LED SCREENS into any number of parts and size (RSS, video, image, streaming)

  • ability of creating schedules for displayed content ahead

  • versatility – SCEO® SOFTWARE is compatible with all major audio and video formats (i.e. video SD/HD, image SD/HD, flash, HTML, text, video streaming, RSS, Power Point, PDF)

  • flexibility: SCEO® SOFTWARE has its menu in following languages: Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech, Bulgarian, Chinese – simple, Russian; there is an option of adding others

  • ability of collecting statistics of displayed content

  • ability of selling advertising time


What can you achieve connecting SCEO® SOFTWARE with SCEO® LED SCREEN?

  • Build up your own network of advertising banners

  • Program your own scoreboard

  • Create your own news channel

  • Integrate SCEO® SOFTWARE with data bases, creating monitoring systems for business and production processes

  • Create video wall in a monitoring center

  • Design unique decoration for your event



If we are missing something – contact us! We will adapt SCEO® SOFTWARE to your project.

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